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electronic fantasies club. (oct)
presented in virtual reality
w/ oculus rift™


a virtual reality nexus for art, design, music, games, & community:
located nowhere / available everywhere

Astrogun™ Powergrid™ is an ongoing virtual reality art gallery club for the Oculus Rift™, a showcase of the latest works-in-progress and past work of studio Astrogun™ and founder Xander Davis, as well as a place to build experimental VR design, collaborate on new art with guests, and simply hang out in designer reality. A standard non-VR version is included for those without the Rift.

Astrogun (Xander Davis) - Stereo Sight Seekers

featuring original
music by Astrogun
(xander davis)

Powergrid™ pulses loud to the debut single by studio Astrogun™ — "Stereo Sight Seekers". Own it now for out-of-VR listening via Bandcamp.

Xander Davis

xander davis
vr design talk
at powergrid 10/2013

Xander Davis, founder of Astrogun™, will give an exclusive 7-min talk to VIP members on the origins of Powergrid™ and the future of VR design.

Do You Know Astrogun?

do you

Astrogun™ is a small independent studio founded by Xander Davis, producing realtime art & games, plus commissions to clients worldwide. Website / Facebook / Twitter

made possible by:

Xander Davis
Oculus VR
Red Bull
The Beautiful Art Program

no rift? no problem!

While, Powergrid™ is designed for the Oculus Rift, creating an unparalleled experience from within the virtual reality, a non-VR (NVR) version is also bundled with every tier for standard PC users.


NOTE: This is a stand-alone art gallery application. We are investigating adding multiplayer functionality (shared space, avatars, voice chat, etc...) in the future as a free update so we can all hang out in the same virtual space together.


early access / version history:

Powergrid™ is launching with Early Access at Pre-Alpha. This is a Work-In-Progress (and it may always be evolving). Your early support helps fund independent development and pushing this project further and further.

FREE UPDATES are deployed to patrons as the gallery expands and evolves over time. Purchased package contents subject to change.

    This project could resume again in the future, with new orders opening up then and free updates still provided to all existing customers.
  • v0.1 Pre-Alpha — Oct 1, 2013 — First Iteration

general admission:

Get Instant Access to Astrogun™ PowerGrid™ for Oculus Rift™ (PC: Windows / Mac), with a non-VR version included, plus free updates as the gallery expands and evolves.

vr artisan:

Previous Tier + exclusive desktop wallpapers (PC / iPhone / iPad), original single "Stereo Sight Seekers" by Astrogun™ multi-formats (MP3 / WAV), & The Making of Powergrid™ PDF (updating over time). Get rare insight into Astrogun's processes on VR design!

club wall™:

Previous Tier + get your name on the Powergrid Club Wall™ in-world for all to see.

club fame:

Previous Tier + get your picture featured on the Powergrid Club Wall™, plus send us a scan of a handwritten message / drawing / your signature and we'll laser engrave it on the wall in glorious holographic neon. Kilroy was here.

vip + vr design talk:

Previous Tier + access to a special talk by Xander Davis on the future of VR design, in a private Powergrid™ room exclusively in virtual reality. Plus, your name and holographic image will be labeled as VIP.

vip club producer:

Previous Tier + your name and holographic image will be labeled as VIP CLUB PRODUCER. You will also have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the club with its designer Xander Davis of Astrogun™ via e-mail or Skype.

powergrid legend™:


Previous Tier + your likeness will be added to the gallery in a work of art, designed with a unique futuristic outfit and fictional backstory for your character in the Powergrid™ universe. Become a virtual reality legend.

simple donation:

Donate any amount (by default, no rewards / products provided, but you can specify which qualifying tier rewards you would like, if any). Maximum single PayPal transaction is $10,000, but feel free to make this recurring or do multiple. We won't complain.